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Chapter 16
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
Alroy shook off the horrid feeling in the pit of his stomach, it told him something bad was going to happen soon.  Many years ago, he had ignored that same feeling and as a cost of his action, he had not gotten home in time to save his sister.  The feeling told him something was off, but never told him what it was.  All he could do was tighten his grip on his rifle and look around, like a hawk seeking prey.
That was when the 122nd commander, pissed off at his missing guard stood and left the tent going to the generals tent to end his fight with the assassin.  Shortly afterwards a flame went on near the south side of the tent, Alroy saw a shadowy figure moving very fast around the tent.  Apparently nobody else saw the being, causing Alroy to question if he had really seen the figure or not.  Then he recalled the feeling he had felt and he drew his rifle and grasped his watch tightly for luck.
Eventually the 127th commander grew agitated at the torchlight and gathered his guards to go discover what the meaning behind the light source.  As they left the tent Alroy felt that same feeling of danger again, he watched their shadows move to the fire and extinguished it.  Many minutes passed and the three had not returned so his commander asked if anyone would check.
Alroy stood to go check the door, holding his rifle as close to his chest as physically possible.  Alroy swiftly jumped through the doorway turning to look over the doorway, satisfied that nothing was there he began to circle the tent frequently looking in all directions for any assailant.
Inside the tent everyone began wondering why Alroy hadn't found the commander yet, one train of thought led to another suddenly everyone began asking what happened to the 122nd commander.  While they were discussing the suspicious events, nobody noticed a knife glide through the eastern wall of the tent sliding downwards leaving just enough room for a single eye to look through.
The eye scanned the entire room before receding.  Zimoy Sneg wrapped his arms around his wooden spikes readying the throw.
Goito looked around, wondering how everyone in the tent could remain so calm.  He was sweating like a pig in summer and his nerves were so on edge that he felt he would explode.  Suddenly he heard the sound of air humming, like when a sword was slashed with tremendous force or when an arrow was shot at a target near you.  Then Goito saw a slashed hole in the side of the tent, Goito threw himself to the floor barely avoiding a spike that tore through the air above his head.  The other commander… was not quite so lucky taking the blade right in the meat of his throat.  Suddenly five more blades tore through the tent's thin tarp two hitting the 124th commander's shocked bodyguard.
The remaining three blades headed towards Lupe and Bernardo, Lupe merely dove to the side rolling to take the impact on his side rising and drawing his saber in one fell move.  Bernardo rose his arm blocking both blades against the bones in his left forearm, drawing his saber with his right arm as he did so.
Zimoy dove through the tent flap, slashing his metal blade towards Geoffred's chest drawing a line of blood across it.  He then spun and kicked Geoffred in the chest sending him, unconscious, into the tactical table.  Then he spun to engage Bernardo lifting one of his wooden stakes from the floor as he did so.
Bernardo barely managed to block the spikes, his arm hurt like hell, but at least he was alive.  He lowered his arm, just in time to see Geoffred go down under the slash and kick combo.  The assassin had chosen Geoffred to target last, judging from the fact that he was shorter than everyone else by at least a full head, the assassin assumed that he was therefore the least dangerous of those in the room.  BIG mistake
When the assassin cut Geoffred's chest Lupe flinched, he had seen the two men that the assassin had killed, knowing he had probably killed more than that.  There was almost no punishment that Lupe would not wish upon the assassin, but he would never wish an injured Geoffred on anyone.  He prayed that the assassin would be killed before Geoffred awoke, if not the assassin would wish that he had never been born…
Bernardo lowered his injured arm just in time to see the assassin swing his metal blade and a wooden spike towards Bernardo's head. Bernardo stepped back knowing that he would be opening himself up to a new attack from the assassin, but he could tell that this assassin worked by isolating strong opponents.  The assassin was dead as soon as he fought both Bernardo and Lupe Devuchi, their fighting style worked with both of their strengths and completely annihilated their weaknesses.
Zimoy loved this, half of these Frenchies were dead and the other half were idiots, imagine a man stepping back from a blade slash!  The two blades swung close to Bernardo's throat, Zimoy was glad that this combat would be as easy as the last fight.  Suddenly both his blades were blocked by Lupe, who had jumped against Bernardo using him as a springboard blocking both of Zimoy's blades and diving against him.  The 127 pounds of human crashed into Zimoy's ribs, driving the breath out of him and knocking him to the floor.  Bernardo spun around the two men, slashing his blade towards Zimoy's head…
Zimoy was surprised by such a strange battle plan, he had never seen two men fight in tandem before.  He was knocked to the floor and lost both his blades in the scuffle, he looked up to see a saber swinging towards his head.  Swiftly he raised the plates from the general's armor that he had cleverly hidden under his sleeves, deflecting the blade with ease.  Zimoy then slammed the armored arm into Lupe's head, rolling him to the side and rendering him unconscious.  He then grabbed his blades and went to throw them towards Bernardo until he saw the commander moving towards him wielding a large, heavy-bladed combat knife.
Zimoy rolled to the side and tossed his blades at the commander, who barely managed to dodge in time.  Zimoy jumpeds backwards and flipped over the tactical table recovering four of his spikes and readying his fail safe weapon.  He tossed the four spikes at his enemies heads all of which who ducked with ease, then he jumped over the table reaching into his shirt as he did so.  While in midair over his two remaining enemies, he threw dozens of the General's chest plates, their ends sharpened into razor points.  Then he slammed his heel into Bernardo's head while he slammed an armor plated fist into Goito's head.
Zimoy stood in the middle of the room, breathing heavily, glad that he had taken down these four talented opponents.  Then he saw the first man he had taken down was standing up, Zimoy gathered his spike's readying his final blow on these unconscious opponents.  He drove his wooden spike towards Goito's head, suddenly a thin metal blade flew into his hand driving the spike out of its path.
Geoffred stood there blades in hand, staring at Zimoy, ready to attack at the slightest inclination.  
Zimoy stood there, staring at another talented, throwing knife master.  Blood lightly oozed from the wound in his chest, as more ran down his forehead.  Suddenly a drop spilled into his one of his eyes.  He suddenly lost all fighting form, just stood there stock still he touched his fingertips to the blood and examined it.  When he saw what it was on his fingertips his pupils went wide, he turned to face Zimoy, a blank emotionless face staring straight into the eyes of this heartless assassin.  Then Zimoy threw his knives, in turn Geoffred threw his whilst falling to the floor avoiding Zimoy's knives.
While Zimoy's knives were large heavy bladed objects, Geoffreeds were much faster and smaller.  Geoffred's knives were based off of Chinese acupuncture knives, thin enough to be fast yet sharp enough to bore through bone.  Several dug into Zimoy's extremities, 2 in his left arm, one hitting his elbow, one digging into his right thigh, a final one hitting his left shoulder blade, rendering the entire arm immobile.
Geoffred was moving towards Zimoy even as he dodged the blades, when he reached zimoy he drew his metal knife slashing it towards Geoffred's arm.  Geoffred gave no thought for his own safety as he swung out his arm in a destructive right-hook punch.  Zimoy turned his hand to sever the arm with his metal blade, suddenly a blade tore through Zimoy's arm.  Zimoy's blade fell to the floor as the right hook connected, Geoffred heard nothing filled in a blood red rage.  Zimoy heard half a dozen cracks as his face was destroyed with a single hit, as Geoffred swung his left arm sideways.  Such was Geoffred's skill that a blade hit his kneecap and an elbow slammed into his right arm, liquefying it.
Zimoy lay on the ground, a battered broken mess his only fully functioning limb being his left leg, a situation quickly rectified by Geoffred as he stomped on the man's hip.  Then he reached into his cloak, drawing a slim bladed serrated skinning knife.
Alroy Brady entered the tent after discovering several bodies hidden in a snow bank not ten feet away.  When he entered the tent he saw Geoffred rocking back and forth, like a small child would, he also saw two men killed and three in various states of consciousness.  He was incapable of figuring out who was dead and who was unconscious, or even still alive.
There was one thing that made him want to leave the tent before examining the dead and injured.  There was blood, Geoffred sat there holding a small white object running a knife over it again and again and again.
Then Alroy saw that it was a human skull.
Ch 16
The end of Mister S, you were a great character and were very fun to write. We will never forget you, until 5 more chapters are done.
Seriously, i need someone to talk to.
Please, anyone will do

I will explain the ending in Ch 18
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